Egg Tempera

Painting with egg tempera can lend itself to a amazing sense of realism. Its permanence and quick drying make it difficult and time consuming. By looking at art works from varying time periods it shows egg tempera’s ability to convey a level of detail other mediums can fail to achieve.

Giotto’s Stefaneschi Polyptych looks like it is conveying the death and resurrection of Christ. Considering the age of the work it appears to still be in amazing condition, which describes egg tempera’s ability to withstand aging. Again the level of detail involved is pretty awesome. The painting really tells a vivid story and its interesting to examine as you begin to notice more and more going on.

Alex Garcia is a modern artist who paints with egg tempera. His portraits also contain a great deal of detail and realism, but they also have a classical quality and are reminiscent of renaissance portraiture, the example uses especially reminds me of the Mona Lisa.

Jack Darcus painted the last example which is titled small wedding ship. In my opinion it fuses a few different eras stylistically. It reminds me of 1920s Harlem renaissance art with hints of art deco. It tones down the realism in favor of exaggeration and creative lighting. I think its my favorite. I love the colors and the flat and boxy nature of the city.

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