September first blog

I believe my connection with art would have started when I was little. I would always have a camera in my hand. And as I grew older, I started to actually understand photos and posing people as apposed to just pressing a button. I feel that is what a lot of people think I do, just press a button and it is just that easy… People do not think of what goes into taking a photograph, lighting, posing, and understanding your camera.
People need photographs, it freezes time and let’s you have it forever and share it with everyone. I knew I wanted to be a photographer at a young age watching my family look at old photographs of a loved one who had passed telling stories about them at that particular moment in the photograph it was almost as the person in that photograph was with you at that moment. It became more serious when I went to high school and got to develop my own film for the first time. It seriously was like magic, being able to see it appear right in front of you, knowing you did that all from start to finish, it truly was a work of art.
I hope that when people look at my work, they see my passion and understand I am not just someone who can press a button, but someone that is an artist.

Friday Class

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1 Response to September first blog

  1. lrynberg says:

    I love that you have this strong and lengthy connection to your passion. I’ve only been in a darkroom once, but I agree that it was amazing. If I wasn’t so attached to my paints I could see getting into photography; being involved with both is a little pricey. Sometimes photography is just pushing the button and seening what comes out. Some of my favourite pictures were spur of the moment and hastily taken. However, I can definately see that most amazing pieces have a lot of hard work in them.

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