September: My relationship to art making and the history.

On gaining self awareness and the ability to remember art has played a pretty significant role in my life. From a young age I would doodle aimlessly and much without training. During high school I would attempt to hone these skills and become an “artist”. Like most adolescents I had a limited attention span and drawing, painting, cutting and pasting were the only things that could hold it if even only for a short duration. I eventually became interested in photography and took the classes my school offered.

High school proved to be where I would leave art for a fairly long while. As my abilities laid dormant for a number of years I found myself yearning for something without finding it right away…

One glorious summer day my girlfriend asked if I would like to take a photography course with her. With casual indifference I accepted the offer and then waited until the very last minute to sign up for the class. Needless to say (but I am going to anyway) I entered the classroom and immediately fell in love again, not with my girlfriend, but with the haunting aroma of the darkroom.

To make a really long, but ultimately epic and possibly greatest story ever told, short I started making art again and I have not stopped since. I am very interested in almost every medium and I enjoy attempting all of them and merging a number of them together.

With photography I make distinct correlations with classical painting and use of light. While I will agree painting is vastly more difficult the principles are similar. Looking at the masters and their respective works it is easily seen that they had a profound understanding of light and how it might compliment a subject. As a photographer this is one basic understanding I hold very dear. I think to gain depth in any two dimensional medium light has to be understood and taken into great consideration.

Through the history of painting (and all art) and its grand evolution I believe artists exponetially gain a better understanding of light and its control over every interesting subject. I believe this why photography has had such a prolific impact on me. My basic understanding of what makes art possible poses so many interesting questions and answers so many others.

The history of art has helped me understand the fundamental nature of its existence and its meaning to me. And without light none of it would be possible.


TJ Dehn

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