November Politics and Art

Politics and art, it seems to be such a controversial topic, artist use their medium as a way to express themselves. For example, take the graffiti artist Banksy, he isn’t out there to tag walls just for the hell of it, he is out there telling a story. Here are a few of his images which I feel can tell a story on its own without words.

Another prime example would be a war photographer in Iraq, when they take a photograph of all the people who are maimed, what do you see? I see corruption. People think we are over there for the good of the U.S I feel it shows that we are over there doing more wrong than good, we are destroying and hurting innocent people who had nothing to do with what happened here in the U.S There are many children whose lives are being taken from them.

Adam Ferguson is a documentary photographer who showing politics and art, and again this photograph need no words for someone to understand what is going on.

Tara Gorski

Friday 3:30



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