November: Art and Politics

Art has its place in politics, whether it be the pretentious and obstinant commentary of an angst filled musician or a well thought out look at a particular subject or issue through any medium.

I think art can easily and effectively convey ideas and philosophies. In this way it leads a dual purpose; one, it is fun and interesting to look at, second, it can get a message across. But to this point I also think art it severely neglected by the majority of our society and these ideas are not always easily conveyed because of many people’s lack of motivation to enjoy it.

Our world faces a plethora of problems and issues and the artists who take the time to notice and attempt to bring about awareness and create solutions deserve attention.

Art does not always have to provide a commentary and I don’t think it always should, but if the point is to bring awareness and it is done with tact I hope the masses would take note of it.


TJ Dehn

Friday 3:30PM

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