December: Art in Pop Culture

Art has a varied place in pop culture, but it is no less ubiquitous. In television and film art exists within itself, but because of the realism of this moving visual medium I think we can at times forget this. Famous works are often used as reference whether it be the butt of a joke or a just a simple comparison. In some instances it could even be said that art has created pop culture, which is easily seen as art has defined culture in general for millenia. I think pop culture has been born from post modernism, its self awareness and irony are readily apparent, if even only to those who truly pay it attention. As an example we now have shows like the real world, that began as a social experiment and could conceivably be considered art (tacky if not bad art), and as time has progressed we have created shows with the sole purpose of poking fun at these reality television programs. Therein lies irony and a self awareness of that irony. Done.


TJ Dehn

3:30 Fri

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